Ram Tahal Choudhary, former MP

While working for reform by uniting educated active youths against evils prevalent in the society, child marriage, divorce, dowry practice, drug addiction, tattooing practice, exploitation of bullies and oppression of laborers, it was realized that the root cause of all evils is -Ign

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Message from pen of the Director 

Ram Tahal Choudhary College Dardag, Ormanjhi, Ranchi was established in 1985 and properly education started from 1988. This college, in an area dominated by tribals, Harijans, backward casted and backward minorities, today stands like a towering peak of the Himalayas, spreading the light of knowledge

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Dr Bhim Mahto (Principal)

Message of the Principal

The role of education is paramount in building a healthy, strong and beautiful nation and human society. Every section of the society has started to understand the importance of education. This is pleasant and is a good sign in terms of the progress of the nation. At the same time, the lack of near availability of educational institutions in proportion to the awareness and tendency of the people

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Ram Tahal Choudhary / RTC College is located in Dardag, Ormanjhi, Ranchi is a leading higher education institute affiliated with Ranchi University, Ranchi that has been providing quality education to Students from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The college was established in 1988 by Mr. Ram Tahal Choudhary the former M.P. of Ranchi, under his leadership of the college has made significant progress and expanded its offerings to include a wide range of under graduate programs. Then Chairmanship was offered and accepted by Dr. Rudra Narayan Mahto. Under the leadership of Dr. Paras Nath Mahto (Director) the institute has achieved great success and consistently produces top performing students. Our institute has made an impression in the Educational, Social, Cultural and Sports Fields. Today this institute is known as one of the most ideal instit View Details

Our Vission

Vision: To impart Quality Education to the students of  most neglected backward area of the town with affordable fee. To imbibe social culture among the student with 3600 attributes. To add innovative teaching learning process through ICT in the classroom teaching.

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Our Mission

1. The college’s mission is to provide a dynamic and challenging learning environment that supports the academic, personal and professional growth of its students.

2. College students are encouraged to develop their full potential and to achieve their academic and personal goals.

3. The college provides a wide range of programs and services to support student success, including personalized attention and guidance, mentorship and experiential learning opportunities.

4. The college is also dedicated to serving the local community. Through its outreach programs, this college provides educational opportunities to individuals and organizations in need, and work to promote social and economic

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Our Teachers