Director Message


Message from pen of the Director 

Ram Tahal Choudhary College Dardag, Ormanjhi, Ranchi was established in 1985 and properly education started from 1988. This college, in an area dominated by tribals, Harijans, backward casted and backward minorities, today stands like a towering peak of the Himalayas, spreading the light of knowledge in form of a giant banyan tree, Prior to this, futher studies the student after schooling were often blocked. There was no college within a radius of 50 km. Poor girl’s education to stop completely.

Dedicated social workar Shri Ram Tahal Choudhary, the Two times MLA, and five - times MP from this Ranchi parliamentary constituency who took the Jharkhand movement to the peak of heights, illuminated the society with educational light, this thought used to shake again and again in the mind of the saint,It was yhe “how to remove this area from illiteracy and ignorance” and illuminate it with the light of knowledge with confidence. I was well acquainted with the spirit of this person’s feelings, for the solution of this problem he had specifically hired me with the complete trust to fulfil his determination.I gladely accepted too with with respact. Before this there was also in the nam,e primary to class 10th and Shivaji Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya  running successfully in Dardag, Ormanjhi, Ranchi. Due to these arrangements, there was no difficulty in starting college education. Arrangements were made to take college classes in the morning and day schooling.

The college will run smoothly, we also had to give its faith to the people, we used to go door- to -door, motivating matric pass students to take admission to this college and start teaching with full enthusiasm and energy. We got success too. Earlier, for the proper operation of the school and college, the Gramvasi Alpsankyak Vidyavardhani samiti  (GAVS) was registered with the Government of Bihar, Patna, due to which its operation was accessible, successful.

People also donate land for running the school and collge in which Shri Tirth Nath Mahto, Chhedi Mahto, Paras Nath Mahto,Chintamani Mahto, Ropan Mahto, etc donated enthusiastically. In  order to arrange funds, the village donations and lottery was used to play to which the fund was arranged for running the college. In the beginning, in addition to me, Shri Pyarelal Mahto, Dr. Rudra Narayan Mahto, Shri Manesh Mahto, Suresh Prasad, Chhedi Mahto and many other social workers gave their support and cooperation. The most remarkable thing was that for the first many years of the unpaid principal, due to this no further problem has arisen, yes some anti-social elements tried unsuccessfully  disturbances The inspiration,  protection and encouragement of Shri Ram Tahal Choudhary Jee has always been received,as a result of which today this college has gained a reputation as a boon for the poor students of this area. If the government’s cooperation is available in the interest of the country and society, then this college will definitely be successful in fulfilling the educational needs of this area.

My hearfelt wishes and determined cooperation is always dedicated to this college.

Dr. Paras Nath Mahto


R.T.C. College

Dardag, Ormanjhi, Ranchi