Secretary Message



Ram Tahal Choudhary, former MP

While working for reform by uniting educated active youths against evils prevalent in the society, child marriage, divorce, dowry practice, drug addiction, tattooing practice, exploitation of bullies and oppression of laborers, it was realized that the root cause of all evils is -Ignorance of Illiteracy. When the cause was known, it became easy to redress and then we started trying to remove this great monster, first by setting up free night schools and later by setting up schools, we did the work of teaching. Higher education was necessary after completing primary education. To fulfil this, the college had to be established. For this, a movement was organized in every village. Money was collected by taking donations of paddy, rice and playing lotteries and the operation of the college was possible. There were no big capitalists or moneylenders from whom we could get support. With constant hard work and determination, we were able to establish the college. Social reform, especially in the field of education, was influenced by my inspiration, dedication, hard work and determination. The public has awarded me As head of the panchayat, chief and MLA was made MP and despite my refusal, the name of the college was named "Ram Tahal Chaudhary College" in my own name. I had so much faith in my colleagues that successful operation of the college is possible because earlier, primary and high school with the same name was running successfully. I had to surrender to the immense love and enthusiasm of the public and accept the nomenclature, as a result of which the college has been able to run successfully till now. Today B. Ed. cum D.EL.Ed. College and Polytechnic and Engineering College are running successfully by the same name.

 It was a privilege to remove the educational darkness of the area from this college. Where all the people were illiterate. Today we are moving fast from higher to higher education, especially the education of girls has been miraculously successful, where 100% girls were living their lives by picking cow dung and grazing cows and goats, today they have gone to good jobs. Due to the programs of N.C.C. and N.S.S., hundreds of students are also selected in the national service, who get the opportunity to serve the country.

 I am proud of my colleagues that by giving their dedicated selfless service to my thoughts and resolutions, they have taken me to the pinnacle of success. My best wishes to the college are always dedicated.

                                                                                                                       Ram Tahal Choudhary


                                                                                                                       R.T.C. COLLEGE DARDAG,

                                                                                                                           ORMANJHI, RANCHI