College Rules & Regulation

Discipline :-

All students should reach the classroom on time and shall not have the class without the permission of the teachers. All students should wear proper uniform with shoes. The behavior of the students, both with in and out side the college premises should be decent and befitting to a professional institution.

Dress Code :-

A dress code is a set of rules often written, with regard to that clothing groups of people must wear. Dress codes are created out of social perceptions and norms, any vary based on purpose, circumstances, and occasions.

Identity Card :-

Each Student compulsorily wears ID card when they are inside the college. Whenever required by college authority, students should submit their ID card. Students should present ID card while borrowing books from library. In case ID card lost, students get new ID card by paying required fees.

Certificate Issue :-

In order to write an application for issuing the degree certificate.

Fee and fine :-

Fees are something students pay for admission to get something worth write is return. Fines are punishment for doing something wrong.